About Lycan Valley Press

Lycan Valley Press is a growing publishing house of dark fiction, specializing in horror. Headed up by Jo-Anne Russell in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, this Canadian press works with and publishes authors from all around the world. We are open to writers of all religions, nationalities, and genders. New or seasoned, we believe the submitted stories should speak for themselves. Our dark hearts are drawn to the unique, the morbid, and the just plain weird, best stories of horror.
If this sounds like you, check out our FOR WRITERS page for more information. We look forward to seeing you in the valley.

Events, Signings, and Forthcoming Titles!
  • Mortuary of Madness, by Roy C. Booth & R. Thomas Riley
  • Horror Reincarnate (Anthology)
  • Untimely Frost (Poetry Anthology)
  • The Pulp Horror Book of Phobias (Anthology)
  • Darkling Canadiana (Anthology)
​   ​And more!
​Our Mission
Stories ~ for some they are a simple way to pass the time. For others, they are an escape; a portal to another time, place, and emotional dimension where one can share a journey with others that would be unlikely in real life.
While there are many publishers of dark fiction out there, Lycan Valley Press strives to bring our readers only the best stories we can find. We understand that more than ever, time and money have become a scarce commodity and therefore we work hard to offer you the best for both. We may be just starting out, but we have big plans for the future which include: adding new formats such as audio books, large print, and graphic works. Our divisions will include: anthologies, novels, novellas, single-author collections, and eventually a YA (young adult) division.
We welcome you to wander through the shadows of the valley and discover all we have to offer. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed of new releases, events, signings, and special announcements only subscribers will be privy to, and send feedback through our contact us form.
On behalf of everyone at Lycan Valley Press we look forward to spending many hours of horrific enjoyment with you.